Collection: GLAZED FLUSH FD30

Glazed flush fire doors seamlessly blend safety with aesthetics, offering a modern and functional solution for interior spaces. These doors are specifically designed to provide fire protection while incorporating glass panels for added light and visibility. The term "flush" refers to the door's smooth and flat surface, creating a sleek and contemporary look.

The glass panels in glazed flush fire doors serve multiple purposes. They allow natural light to flow between rooms, enhancing the sense of openness and connectivity within a space. Additionally, the transparent or translucent nature of the glass maintains visual connections while still providing the necessary fire protection.

The fire-resistant core of these doors is typically composed of materials like solid particleboard or mineral core, meeting safety standards for a specified duration during a fire event. This core material helps contain the spread of flames and smoke, contributing to the overall safety of the building.

Glazed flush fire doors come in various designs, allowing for customization to suit different interior styles. The placement and size of the glass panels can vary, from full-length panels to smaller decorative configurations, offering flexibility in achieving both safety and design objectives.