Halloween Deals on Doors: Spook-tacular Savings for Your Home

Halloween Deals on Doors: Spook-tacular Savings for Your Home

Halloween is upon us, and what better way to spruce up your home for the season than by giving your doors a festive makeover? Whether you're in the market for a new door or want to update your existing one, there are some spooktacular Halloween deals on doors that you won't want to miss.

  1. Grey Doors: Elegant and Haunting

Grey doors have become increasingly popular in modern home design, and they're also a fantastic canvas for Halloween creativity. Here's how you can take advantage of our Halloween deals on grey doors:

  • Grey Interior Doors: Inside your home, grey interior doors can set the tone for a haunted house theme. We offers a range of grey doors with different styles and finishes. During the Halloween season, enjoy special discounts on these beautiful doors.

Our Montreal Prefinished Dark Grey Ash Door is only £175 this Halloween. 
Ideally suited to a contemporary-style home, the prefinished Montreal dark grey ash door provides stunning contrast to a light decor. The solid door brings with it a sense of neutral permanence.

  1. Oak Doors: A Rustic Halloween Touch

Oak doors are known for their warm, rustic appeal, making them perfect for a cosy and Halloween-friendly atmosphere. Here's how you can incorporate oak doors into your Halloween decor:

  • Oak Doors: An oak door can be the anchor of your Halloween decorations. Consider a rich oak door as the backdrop for festive wreaths, lanterns, and carved pumpkins. Special Halloween deals on oak entry doors can help you add a rustic and inviting touch to your home.

The Cottage oak door is only £85.00 and is the most popular style in the UK and complements almost any setting.

  1. White Doors: A Blank Canvas for Halloween Creativity

White doors are versatile and provide a blank canvas for your Halloween imagination. Here's how you can use our Halloween deals on white doors to create a holiday wonderland:

  • White Interior Doors: White interior doors offer endless possibilities. You can easily hang Halloween-themed wreaths, garlands, or spooky wall decals to set the mood. Keep an eye out for special deals on our white interior doors to save on your holiday decor.

The Ely White Primed Door is only £75.00 and is the most popular door style in the UK which complements almost any setting.

Another one of our stylish doors on offer is the 'Seville White Primed Door which is only £75.00. The Seville white primed door is among the most popular designs in the UK because of the striking simplicity of the vertical and horizontal panels.

4. Black Interior Doors: Elegance Meets Spookiness

A black front door is the epitome of elegance and sophistication, and it can easily take on a spooky twist for Halloween. 

  • Black Doors: If you're going for a more traditional Halloween look, consider a classic black interior door. With the right decorations, it can become the perfect backdrop for Halloween wreaths, lanterns, and eerie spiderweb accents. 

The Sandringham Black Pre-Finished Bevelled Glazed Door is only £199.00. A new modern classic, the Sandringham is an elegant two panel design door. The intricate profile of the traditional mouldings coupled with the striking black finish marries historic design with contemporary styling. The larger panel occupying the upper section of the door, features clear bevelled glass, adding light, and a touch of class to any room.


Halloween is a time to have fun and let your creativity run wild, and your doors can be an integral part of your seasonal decor. Whether you're considering grey, oak, or white doors, we are thrilled to offer exclusive Halloween deals to help you achieve your vision for a spooktacular home. Don't miss out on these limited-time offers, and make your doors the centrepiece of your Halloween celebrations this year. Embrace the Halloween spirit, and let the door to your home tell a spooky story!

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