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Exploring Different Types of Door Hinges and Their Applications

Door hinges are essential components of any door, providing functionality, security, and aesthetic appeal to various types of doors. From residential to commercial settings, different types of door hinges serve specific purposes based on door material, size, and usage requirements. 

  1. Ball Bearing Hinges: Ball bearing hinges are known for their smooth operation and durability. They consist of ball bearings positioned between the knuckles of the hinge, allowing the door to swing open and close effortlessly. These hinges are ideal for heavy doors, such as solid wood or metal doors, as the ball bearings distribute weight evenly, reducing friction and wear on the hinge mechanism. Ball bearing hinges are commonly used in residential and commercial applications where smooth door operation is essential, including external doors and interior doors. 

  2. Washered Hinges: Washered hinges, also known as loose pin hinges, feature removable pins that allow for easy door removal and installation. These hinges consist of two separate leaves joined by a pin, with washers placed between the leaves to provide smooth pivoting action. Washered hinges are commonly used for interior doors and lightweight residential doors where occasional door removal may be necessary for maintenance or remodelling purposes.

  3. Eclipse Fire-Rated Hinges: Eclipse fire-rated hinges are a type of fire-rated hinge that offers additional security features beyond fire protection. These hinges feature a unique design with concealed bearing surfaces, preventing tampering and unauthorized removal of the hinge pin. Eclipse fire-rated hinges are suitable for fire-rated doors installed in high-security environments, such as banks, government buildings, and sensitive facilities where protection against intrusion and fire is critical.

  4. Parliament Hinges: Parliament hinges, also known as projection hinges, are characterized by their unique design that allows the door to swing clear of the door frame when opened fully. These hinges feature an offset knuckle that positions the door away from the frame, providing maximum clearance for large doors, shutters, and gates. Parliament hinges are commonly used for decorative purposes in traditional and architectural settings, adding a classic and elegant touch to doors and entrances.

Door hinges play a crucial role in the functionality, security, and aesthetics of doors in various settings. Understanding the different types of door hinges and their applications is essential for selecting the right hinge for specific door requirements. Whether it's ensuring smooth operation with ball bearing hinges, meeting fire safety regulations with fire-rated hinges, or adding a decorative accent with parliament hinges, choosing the appropriate hinge enhances both the performance and appearance of doors in residential, commercial, and institutional environments.

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