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Creating the right look

When it comes to enhancing the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your home, few things make a bigger impact than the internal door. As the gateway to your abode, the right door can significantly elevate your home's overall appearance. In this blog, we will explore the importance of choosing the right door and highlight the benefits of partnering with AX National in creating the perfect look for your home. 


The Door's Aesthetic Appeal 

Your internal door serves as a focal point, offering a glimpse into the style and personality of your home. Whether you prefer a classic, traditional look or a more modern and sleek design, AX National can offer a wide range of options to suit your preferences. From elegant internal oak doors to contemporary glass panels, you can find the perfect match that enhances your home's exterior and creates a welcoming atmosphere.  

Oak Doors


Other options include folding doors, which are designed to offer you the freedom to choose from a variety of doors to achieve your desired look. We Supply oak, walnut and white primed finishes to complement your door selection and complete the folding system. Another one of our unique door options is, room dividers, which are perfect if you are wanting to separate your rooms without losing any light or space. Ideal for opening a living area. Pocket doors are another great choice. They are the perfect solution where there is limited space available and are designed to make rooms more flexible, lighter and airier.  

Pocket Doors, Room Dividers and Folding Doors

 Customisation for Unique Styles 


Every home is unique, and your door should reflect that individuality. At AX National we understand the importance of customisation and can provide tailored solutions to ensure your door complements the architectural style of your house. We offer a variety of materials, finishes, colours, and hardware options to create a truly personalised look that adds value and charm to your property. We provide various colour schemes, such as black, grey, oak and white doors, including bespoke sizes that can be customised to suit your home.  

 Black, White, Oak and Grey Doors

Enhanced Security 

Apart from their visual appeal, doors are a vital aspect of home security. At AX National we recognise the significance of protecting your home and loved ones. We offer robust, high-quality doors equipped with advanced locking systems, durable materials, and impact-resistant features. By prioritising security in their product offerings, they help you achieve both peace of mind and an attractive exterior. We provide only the best Mortice Locks, which are designed to allow the door to be manually locked from both sides with a key, for double protection. We also sell hardware packages which include a stainless-steel euro lock feature, a sleeved letter plate with silver surround, a 180 degree polished chrome door viewer, a PCP urn door knocker and a polished chrome narrow door chain. 




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