AX National’s Top 5 Interior Trends

AX National’s Top 5 Interior Trends

Wow, we are already halfway into 2023 and what a year it’s been. Now that we can see some sunshine, lets take a look at some of our summer interior trends.  

When we were coming up with our new range of doors, we wanted something that was popular and that would attract attention as well as ensuring that the collection would add a fresher and calmer feel to your home.  


Take a look below at the 5 trends that we believe are perfect for your home.   


 1. Montreal Prefinished Dark Grey Ash  

Ideally suited to a contemporary-style home, the prefinished Montreal dark grey ash door provides stunning contrast to a light décor. Both the solid and glazed options are available as fire doors.  The solid door brings with it a sense of neutral permanence.  

To achieve a modern look to your home, our Montreal doors are perfect! Available pre-finished with fire door options available, this modernised door will make your room stand out.  

 Montreal Pre-finished Dark Grey Ash


 2. Windsor White Primed Door  

The Windsor white primed door with it’s three elegant bevelled-edged panels that injects character and class into any setting. The largest of the panels occupies the upper section of the door and adds a touch of class to any room. Available in a range of sizes, and as a fire door.  

If you are looking for a simple design for your home, then we recommend the Windsor white primed door, designed to add character to your home without overpowering the room.  

 Windsor White Primed


3. Bury Prefinished Oak  

The neatly symmetrical Bury door features four bevelled-edged panels of crown cut oak veneer. In the glazed door, the two top panels are replaced by panes of clear bevelled glass, adding a lively glint to this lovely door.  

Prefinished and ready to hang, the Bury Oak door is ideal for any room in any home. Available in a range of sizes, and as a fire door.  

 Bury Prefinished Oak


4. Ely Prefinished Oak  

The Ely oak door is the most popular in the UK and complements almost any setting. The vertical lines gives you a rustic charm that is available in a wide range of sizes, including fire door options.  

A traditional favourite, the Ely prefinished oak is a popular choice for UK homes available in a range of glazing options. Traditional styling, modern engineering. This rustic style door has been a favourite in UK homes for years. 

 Ely Prefinished Oak


5. Torino Prefinished Light Grey Ash  

The ultra-modern Torino light grey ash door provides a striking diagonal pattern of straight grain ash veneer, which is given definition by fine inlays. The glazed Torino ash door features a jaunty parallelogram of clear glass, cutting across the veneers – ideal for a modern house or apartment. Available in a range of sizes, and as a fire door. 

 Torino Prefinished Light Grey Ash

Here at AX National we can offer you a range of styles and colours to match your home interior. Our top 5 trending items are purposely designed to add character and modernise your home.  

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